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Sigma Sourcing Always Improving

February - 2023

A core strength of Sigma Sourcing is its commitment to continuous improvement of existing capabilities, and this current upgrade highlights that facet of the company. "We're not always just chasing the flashiest new functionality," says Ben Gripka, President and Founding Software Engineer of Sigma Sourcing." Sigma devotes a significant amount of its resources to refining and enhancing its current features.

With the release this month, Sigma rolled out enhancements to the display of search results, the Cash Flow Report, and its Help resources. Ben notes, "we take pride in making Sigma Sourcing better and better with each update we roll out." Of note, Sigma's help resources now has a convenient "Google-like" search bar and results to quickly access textual materials to answer user questions about the system.

Enhancements to the phone app this month include improved navigation, the ability to dial a phone number with the simple click of a link, and the option to save photos taken from a phone to specs in Sigma. Also, Sigma now offers the ability to upload a specs revision PDF, quickly link those PDF Specs with those already imported, and receive a message about merging the Specs.

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