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Sigma Sourcing's Copy Project Feature a Game Changer

Copy One Project to a New Project

January - 2024

Sigma announces the Copy Project function that will duplicate to a new project various amounts of data from an existing project. The previous ability to copy just the project set-up information and attachments to a new project left purchasing companies wanting more.

Sigma was able to do such broader project copying behind the scenes upon request. But now, with this rollout, Sigma allows purchasing companies the ability to themselves copy more data from one project to a new project. Users can now copy just specs or copy all data up through open Purchase Orders from one project into a brand new project.

This means that Sigma's customers can create template branded projects with specs and quickly copy them into new projects, optionally with a pre-built budget, and even priced RFQs and POs ready to submit. Sigma Sourcing President and Founding Software Engineer Ben Gripka notes, "with this kind of improved efficiency, purchasing companies can leverage their value-added even more."

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