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Sigma Adds Excel-Based Custom Report Builder

November - 2021

Sigma Sourcing's popular Excel-based reporting now comes to the new Custom Report Builder so clients can download customer reports as an Excel workbook in addition to all the predefined reports that are based in Excel. Creating custom reports is as easy as clicking and dragging desired fields, arranging columns, and then viewing/downloading as Excel or PDF. This feature is particularly helpful for clients using Sigma Sourcing data in their own reports because the fields can be setup for quick copy and paste into other Excel workbooks or systems that support CSV or flat file data types.

Sigma Sourcing President and Founding Software Engineer Ben Gripka says this enhancement has brought peace of mind to new clients who come from an Excel environment because they understand that they can plug into existing processes that work without re-keying in data by hand.

Once a custom report is created it can act as a data source for semi-automated user processes like preparing a custom spreadsheet report, or other fully automated computer-driven processes. Custom reports can be returned as CSV, TSV, JSON, or an unformatted Excel workbook and imported into an existing Excel workbook via copy and paste to prepare a custom spreadsheet or downloaded and imported into an ERP system with no or minimal conversion required.

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