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Purchase Order Revisions Got Way More Visibility

Change Tracking Efficiencies

August - 2023

Sigma has just this month added new on-screen feedback to its users when data is being change-tracked. Change-tracking occurs whenever data has been used on a Purchase Order and must be tracked for showing revisions on a Change Order.

The information now displayed on screen helps users identify data that is being change tracked and pending changes to that data. Sigma now also shows all pending changes on its "project status page" so that at a glance project managers can identify the current status of the data - for example a PO quantity or price.

"Sigma has always tracked this type of data change," explains Ben Gripka, Sigma's President and Founding Software Engineer, "but had not previously provided as much user visibility to what was happening behind the scenes to produce the next Change Order." With these new refinements, users will be able to know exactly when and what data is pending submission of a revision PO.

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