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New Bid Analysis Features Add Sophistication to the Vendor Selection Process

Bid Analysis Sophistication

April - 2022

True to its promise, Sigma again delivers more bid analysis sophistication. The Bid Analysis function now brings in a selected vendor's material requirements to the related COM order quantity.

Purchasers also now have even more options when it comes to how to compare quotes. For example, one option allows displaying a quantity that is different than budgeted when applying a Vendor's minimum order quantity or increment.

As another example, purchasers can select how the impact of each vendor's pricing and the order quantity is shown - either as a variance to budget or as a subtotal for the spec. When showing such a variance, Sigma's convention is to show a negative in red and a positive in blue throughout the entire system. This is just one example of the rigor Sigma applies in ensuring a consistent user interface across the entire system.

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