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Budgeting Just Got a Lot Faster

Room Matrix

November - 2021

Sigma launches its new Room Matrix feature that takes budgeting to the next level of simplicity and sophistication. This feature alleviates the time-consuming and error-prone tedium of creating a line item budget for large FF&E and OS&E projects.

Using the Room Matrix tool, purchasing managers will quickly and accurately create thousands of line items for hundreds of specifications across multiple room types. The user interface is simple and intuitive and allows for creating, removing or rearranging room types as well as changing quantities of them or of the specs per room.

Any changes to quantities of rooms or specs per room result in an auto-recalculation of the totals. Ben Gripka, President and Founding Software Engineer of Sigma Sourcing, notes, "We are very proud of this innovative new tool that we believe will increase purchasing companies' operation efficiencies in a profound way."

Simple Table Layout | Change Quantities | Auto Update Totals

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