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Sigma Sourcing's New Progressive Web Application Arrives On the Scene

Sigma, Sigma Everywhere

August - 2022

Sigma has rolled out its new progressive web application that allows users to access the system from a phone or other small screen device. Rather than a typical "app," users access the full system on pages configured to work on smaller screens. Yet, it is just as simple as a typical phone app to install.

This means purchasing managers will now be able to go to a job site without taking a Spec book along. If applicable, Designers and Clients will be able to log in from anywhere to quickly approve POs. Users can check statuses and other project information from the convenience of their phone or tablet.

Even reports and contact information are available through this application. According to Ben Gripka, President and Founding Software Engineer of Sigma Sourcing, "It was a fun development project to work on, and we certainly hope it will be well-received by our customers in this environment of increasing mobility."

Mobile Friendly | Easy to Install | Easy to Read

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