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Speed Optimizations a Big Time-Saver for Purchasers

Faster is Definitely Better

April - 2023

Sigma has devoted this past development cycle in large part to enhancing its system performance. Not a flashy news announcement, yet extremely important to customer satisfaction, is the rollout of speed optimizations, addition of wait-time messaging, and other efficiency improvements.

"As an example of our speed optimizations," notes Ben Gripka, Sigma's President and Founding Software Engineer, "budget reports will load in record time with speed improvements of 600%, or 1/6th of the time it used to take."" Another efficiency improvement includes eliminating hold-ups in extended processing when a user "double-clicks" a button that requires only one click. "This may seem like a simple matter, says Ben, "but makes our users' lives much less stressful, which is so important to us."

Another improvement Sigma made this month is adding a message to let users know the system is working when a report takes a few seconds to load. This kind of improvement to ease users' minds while the system is loading a report demonstrates Sigma's commitment to a positive user experience.

Load Reports Faster | New On-Screen Messaging

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