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Enhancements Added to Sigma's Payment Processing Module

More Validation, More Visibility

August - 2021

With its update this month, Sigma added refinements to the Vendor Invoice Submission feature announced in April 2020. Improved Invoice Number validation helps avoid duplicate processing of invoices, adding messaging for users to proceed or abort the process.

The Submit Invoice pop-up that generates a Payment Voucher now allows the user to add Payment Due Date and the Payment Method. This information rolls into the PV, even further reducing the Accounting Team's time to process it.

These data are also included in the Payment Voucher Status Report also rolled out last year. Ben Gripka, President and Founding Software Engineer, states, 'Including the amounts from these "queued" PVs in the Report's Expected total means that, taken with your Payment Due Dates, you'll now be able to better project your cash flow needs."

Invoice # Validation | More Creation Options | Enhanced Reporting

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