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Hospitality Purchasing Software Success Story For


Midas Hospitality




St. Louis-based Midas Hospitality offers a full suite of hospitality-focused services for new construction and renovations including interior design, procurement and project management. They work with leading brands to develop, renovate or build upscale select-service hotels and extended-stay properties across the United States. With existing processes that were manual, unverified and time-consuming, they sought out an automated and sophisticated system that could keep them on top.

You’ve heard the expression, 'do more with less'. That is precisely what Sigma Sourcing has done for Midas Hospitality. They are now able to handle more projects without expanding resources.

Hospitality Software Solution



Midas Hospitality has seen immediate impacts since adopting Sigma Sourcing’s procurement software platform.

  • Efficiency and accuracy are greatly improved. In fact, with PDF importer they can now respond to new project bids in 30% of the time it took before.The PDF specs on quotes and POs creates accuracy in the delivered product. POs are far more detailed.
  • The day-to-day process among the sourcing team is smoother and more fluid.
  • Integration with new partners including clients, vendors and freight forwarders is turnkey.
  • And overall capabilities have expanded.
  • The system can send emails and collect bids from vendors.
  • It can attach designer PDFs to the POs.
  • It tracks submittals such as finish samples and shop drawings generated by the vendor.

"As a smaller business, Sigma felt like a kindred spirit and was eager to hear our ideas and feedback. To Sigma, we were not just another number."

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Chris Shinkle,

Vice President


Yes, Sigma Sourcing has helped Midas Hospitality increase its accuracy and efficiency and even its project volume. Those outcomes, however, are what we strive for our clients on a daily basis. What is particularly exciting about our collaboration with Midas is the potential for integration with a logistics platform. We are working on API data connections with freight forwarders where Sigma provides data to the freight forwarder that can be imported into their system. This reduces rekeying data, allows automated updates back to the order status section/report and ensures nothing is forgotten (or everything makes it to the warehouse).

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